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Self-Care #TheStruggleIsReal

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Melissa Chito Nov 18, 2020 8:11:55 AM
Self-Care #TheStruggleIsReal
Why do we struggle so much as women with self-care?
I know first hand that I will always put everyone's needs above my own and will tell myself its ok because I am being there for my family, my friends, my clients... But then, at some point, it will all come crashing down.
We carry the weight of the world on our shoulders and I know I feel like I am always running behind, chasing time - meetings, deadlines, school drop off/pick ups, homework, laundry, and everything in between. 
Struggling to keep up let alone finding this imaginary thing called "spare time" - I envision spare time to be somewhat of a mythical creature like big foot or a unicorn...
As women we are constantly reminded how important self-care is to our mental health and physical health.
And even though I KNOW that to be true... finding that time feels like climbing Mount Everest - an impossible mission that I am bound to "fail".