we work mom hours.

Over the past two weeks I have been wearing the mom hat more than the entrepreneur hat. My poor boys have been under the weather with fall fevers, germs, colds and sniffles. And then the worst thing happened... my husband came down with the dreaded man cold! 😳 We have all been there. Trying to juggle the needs of our families, the needs of our clients, and the needs of our business... not to mention find time for our own self care. It's A LOT! It doesn't matter if it is a personal challenge, a family challenge or a business challenge that life throws at you. It's exhausting, but somehow our passion for our business, our love for our family, and the support of our community pulls us through. And we come out stronger, smarter, and more connected from these experiences. From pain comes growth. But not everything needs to be a struggle all the time. Having flexibility reduces stress when these challenges are thrown at you.

When I first decided to start my business, I knew that having a flexible schedule was important to me, and therefore would be important to my clients. I made sure my business model reflected this. Creating great marketing is time consuming. It requires planning and thoughtfulness to be effective and engaging. My energy and focus during the day is with clients and working on client projects. That means my own marketing and design time is often evenings and weekends. Taking a backseat to the day to day needs of my business. It's hard. It's frustrating. It's draining. My mind is constantly saying "Mel this should have been done already! When are you going to create that graphic for your blog? We need to post it tomorrow! But the networking event is tomorrow... Oh and that print project needs to be completed and sent off before next week or it won't come back in time for your presentation..." Does this sound familiar? It's on repeat most days in my head... 🙄

So understanding the challenges of my own daily obligations and responsibilities, I completely understand the needs and challenges of my clients. I wanted to remove this barrier and make life a little easier for them. I love to see my clients and their business succeed and thrive. And if I can help them be a little less stressed and overwhelmed... AMAZING! 🙌

This is why we work mom hours.

Mom hours are flexible hours. This so important for me both personally and professionally. I understand how important flexibility is when you are running your own business. Sick kids happen. Meetings are cancelled. Schedules are full. Unexpected business challenges. We have all been there... With more flexibility, we focus our energy on creating memorable brand experiences, inspiring audiences, and growing our businesses... together.

I would love to hear from you and when your most productive marketing hours are? When do you find your creative groove? How do you manage family, home, business, clients, and self care?

let's get creative - together

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